Mum and Dad

Today I gave my Mum a nail varnish I knew she’d like. 

I also gave my Dad a gift for Father’s Day - 48 sherbet fountains (his favourites).

Just giving

Yesterday I bought my friend an ice-cream.

Today I gave my nephew his birthday presents. It mainly involved duplo.

Ladies who travel

Yesterday I gave a lady my seat on the train.

Today I gave a lady my seat on the tube.

The theme is “ladies”.

Bag lady

Yesterday I helped a lady with her heavy bag up the stairs.

Two for one

Yesterday I baked cakes for my bearded man.

Today I gave a lady my seat on the train.

Let’s do lunch

Today I made a nice lunch for my friend who was visiting.

Cheer up

Yesterday I sent a friend something that I knew would cheer her up.

Drink up

Last night I bought my friend a drink after she had a very stressful day at work.

Heavy lifting

Today I helped a lady lift her heavy bags onto the train.

Make sea birds free birds

Today I signed a petition asking Patrick McLoughlin MP, Secretary of State for Transport, to put pressure on the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to make it illegal to discharge Polyisobutene (in any quantity) into our seas. 

Thousands of seabirds have been washed ashore, covered in Polyisobutene, and the actual impact at sea is likely to be far greater. 

Want to sign the petition? Visit the 38 Degrees website